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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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well, i make my living putting my trust in juries. now is not the time to stop. i'll take them any way they come. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group ( wolf h ask. >> tonight at 9. local man pwreevts fresh air of freedom for the first time in 6 years after judge throws out his conviction for crime he didn't commit. >> bay area actor turns himself in on charges of having sex with under age girls. there may be victims.
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>> stopping crime in the track south bay hero. the officer who detoured his romantic excursion to catch a criminal. >> also tonight. technology under xwrund. gasoline robot looking for leak and keeping the neighborhood s here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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♪ the one and only, cheerios >> he was september to san quentin on the testimony of witness who lied. tonight nearly seven years later ronald ross is finally a free man. >> good evening. ronald ross steps out of the jail this afternoon and graciously spoke with reporters. he was humble and happy about his release.
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something that likely would not have come about without the support of the innocence project egg. laura has the story. >> ronald ross squinted in the sun light as he walked out the front door of the santa rita jail. his first taste of freedom in nearly seven years. >> lovely day. lovely day. >>reporter: ross was ordered row leasesed during emotional hearing in oak land. minutes after the judge set aside her son's conviction she described her joy. >> god is good. all the time i'm so proud. >>reporter: man with no violent history ross was convict entered 2006 of attempted murder after man was shot on thisxd block of can street in west oakland. victim picked ross out of a photo line up but later evidence came to light that someone else did the shooting. alameda county da office degreeed and withdrew the support of the 2006 juror
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verdict. >> obviously felt this was the right thing to do. >> we did. thank you. >> more people like him do you think in prison. >> wrongfully convicted people certainly there are more wrong my convicted people. cause span all different crimes. >> ross was most recently housed at san quentinnd a 51-year-old in prison for nearly seven years his attorney says he's not bitter. ross dropped the head and cried in court. >> i think today when the june finally said the words mr. ross was finally able to let himself believe this was happening today. >> and he already has a plan for the future. >> i want to deal with the kids that problem kid. try to show them the right path to take. >> as he walked out of the jail here today we asked ross if he mate pursue legal action against the city of oakland for his wrongful conviction. he told us would he in the comment on that. he was only interested in seeing hisfamily
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and friends. in dublin, abc 7 news. >> plan police say under investigation since last november now inñi jail for molestation. as thomas explains, the last thing that mother with kids at that school wanted to hear is that a suspected child molester was working there. >>reporter: jason of san bruno once an actor here at the center repertoire company at the center for the narcotic walnut creek. he also worked here at the ballet school on north main street. the daughter takes lessons at the school. >> hurts my heart to know that someone around young children is to go something terrible. >> operators at the school told that you say once they heard 27-year-old man was being investigated by both walnut creek and pleasant hill police he was fired. >> they also say he was a clerk and not around chirp. pleasant hill police lieutenant dan says the investigation into child
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molestation allegations against him began last november. >> female juvenile and parents came to the police department and reported that. he was sending inappropriate text messages to the young female. >>reporter: conley says the report led to lengthy investigation. >> three-month long investigation revealed several crimes and as a result day before yesterday the cocoa da office filed 4 counts relate to go child sexual, 2 felony 2 miss did he mean or. >> operators at the ask told us he was a clerk at theal ballet school and no contact with children. the police are investigating these child molestation charges. they wouldn't elaborate on whether or not there was more than one victim. they are asking anyone with information on this case to give them a call. walnut creek this is 7 news. >> pay area woman who made up a story about fine ago fing intera bowl of wendy chili years ago answered new charges
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in kurt today that once again involved lying. anna served 4 years in prison over the finger in the chili incident. now prosecutors say he filed a false police report that claims 2 men shot her son. police say reyes admits he shot himself in the foot by accident and his mother tried to help him cover it all up with the story. it's illegal for him to have a gun because he's convicted felon. judge set the bonnie at 150,000 dollars. >> gilroy police have bust add huge illegal marijuana growing operation. police department sent us these pictures of fairly sophisticated operation. officers collected 4 68 marijuana plants and 70 pounds of process pot. that has street value of more than 60 600,000 dollars. one man has been arrested on charges of illegal cultivation. possession for sale. and for illegally tapping that the city utilities. >> speak of utilities. pg&e rae responding to pressure to test its entire system by
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launching a new generation of wireless pipeline robots. tonight 7 news takes you on a ride through a pg&e gas pipeline to see how they are detecting the same problems that led to the dadly san bruno explosion 2 and a half years ago. >> prior to these wireless robots pg&e engineers had no way of detect thing small fractures or bad weld unless there was already a potentially dangerous leak. >> this is much less invasive obviously because for example this line runs under a creek be. we would have had to damp the creek excavated there to get the line. >>reporter: engineers can steer this mechanical snake through back-to-back 90 degree angle turns. it's also equipped with magnetic sensors that detect changes in the pipe thicknesses. >> yes i'm happy that they do it here because i live right here. >>reporter: corrosion and gas lines something she became keenly aware of after the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. >> i help to this is actually good robot. won't touch
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something and boom come down because that's bad. >>reporter: oxygen mixed in with natural gas for the robot battery to spark an explosion. that's why they suck out the oxygen in the chamber and fill witness nitrogen before sending it down. today they found an inch of corrosive water in the pipe. you can see it to the right. draining the condensation is easy but now they can focus on this section. older survey method like probing the line can be invasive. pipeline runs under the sidewalk which men prior to the robot they of would to have had drill hole in the sidewalk every 10 feet to survey the line. right now pressure testing and old fashion probing are the predominant method but as the cost of technology goes down, pg&e will use more of these wireless robot to surgically survey the system. in brentwood, abc 7 news. >> off duty san jose police officer is being called a hero tonight. he stopped a strong
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arm robbery and made an arrest and he did all of this on his way to get his marriage licens license. we have really remarkable story. >> screaming he has my purse help me help me other passengers are trying to intervene but the person is defeating the measure. somebody whipped out a tazer. >>reporter: the sergeant was expecting a quiet monday morning on barton his way into san francisco with his fiance to get the marriage license. that is until a woman was being robbed on the car as they approached the west oakland station. >> we both turn and look and we see sort of a scuffle going on. don't get involved don't get involved. >> guilty. i asked him to in the get involved. they have it under control and he realized it was not under control. he just jumped into action and. >> i came closer showed my gun and badge and said listen. i'm a police officer need to get on the ground. and i grabbed i grabbed the arm. >>reporter: sounds like right out of a hollywood action film and it very well can be. sergeant's father is actor of
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alien and midnight run fame. >> i threw them down and put them in a control hold. >> the 17 year veteran of the force held the would be robber until the west oakland stop where bart police took 31-year-old jennifer davis of oakland into custody. davis being charged with one count of robbery and her probation was revoked. 48-year-old victim was unharmed and left with her purse. >> the woman i hope she see this is because she came to me and thank mc donald's he so sincerely. really, really nice to be thanked that way. then the train applauded for us. really nastyism the sergeant was asked to stay to give a witness report. >> but with he had a prepaid appointment for the marriage certificate and i couldn't miss it. >>reporter: he left the contact information with the other officers and he and his bride to be still made it to their upon thement on time with 4 minute to spare. sergeant suffered so many injuries in his years in the force that he has to have the fifth knee surgery come up to replace
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parts of the knee. 47-year-old says that will force him into early retirement this year. no date has been set yet for the retirement. he says marriage comes first. that's coming up on march 13. reporting in san jose, abc 7 news. >> balance of power changes in sacramento i have that story coming up next. plus state lawmakers say company are doin doing, going too far while retailers want the state to butt out of the business. coming up. next battle front in on line privacy. >> ferry service victim of its own success. what sold out trips mean for giants fans heading to the ballpark. also spencer is here with the weather. >> yes here in the accu-weather forecast center. we see sprinkle head our way. when and where in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> politic behind the academy award. film critic nick explains why the best picture ethere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> if you are not concerned about keeping your personal information private when you shopco( on line, you probably should be. there are very few rules about how ch information on line stores can demand from you when you make a purchase. but that may about to change. 7 news capitol correspondent annette has the story tonight from sacramento.
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>> when you buy something with a credit card at store in california workers are not allowed to ask you for permanent information like a home address phone number or e-mail. it's spelled in and out a law called the beverly act. state supreme court early this month sided with apple saying the consumer protection act do not apply to down load project like i tune song and video. >> throws all all privacy protection for people doing on line purchase for down load and we think the next step will be for any on line commerce. >>reporter: roger is trying to fix that with bill that would extend current privacy protection to on line stores but still allow company to be able to detect credit card fraud. that means getting rid of a customer information shortly after the purchase. >> they can't aggregate that with other bits of information to develop all sorts of profiling about you as consume consumer. the habit. >> on line retailer already kevrnltd many company are based
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outside california and feel state law make versus no jurisdiction. plus the measure spoils one of the convenience of cybershopping if customer information can't be kept. >> consumer oftentimes opt in to allow the information to be stored by the retailer so that when they return again for another purchase the retailer knows who they are. a great experience for on line shopper. >> many i tune customers we spoke with look forward to more privacy. >> actually kind of worries me. dangerous to give out more personal information than you have to. >> we shouldn't have any type of retailer or any type of business saying oh, we can take your information we can do what we would like. >> in court documents consumer group say apple never states why it needed personal information and what it did with it. similar privacy cases pending against e harmony and ticket master. this is 7 news. >> surprise resignation
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sacramento has cost democrat major super majority. state senator rubio of bakersfield said he's quitting because of family reasons. he has a child with special needs who requires more care. political analyst believes the democrat contract lost a bit of political muscle and up and comer. >> democrat have a two-thirds majority in the senate and one less seat and puts them a little bit short of. that makes it a little bit more difficult for budget issues and other issues. he's a rising are star. democrat look for people in that part of the state to move in leadership position and he was in position to do that. >> rubio also announced that he will become a lobbyist for chevron. >> all right. weekend has arrived. spencer is here. looks nice but i guess you are tracking rain this coming. >> little rain. that should be under score. a little bit of rain but some wet spots before we see the sun tomorrow mornin morning. look at live doppler 7 hd. see what is going on right now not picking up any rain fall anywhere near the
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immediate bay area. clouds beginning to show up to the north and a little bit of moisture with the clouds up around ukiah. you can see even more organized precipitation farther north just south of you reyka. it was a little bit heavy early in the evening thinning out a little bit now sought front moving south is losing some of the moisture and may lose most of it before it gets to the bay year. live view from the high definition roof top camera agent embarcadero temperature readings 50 degrees in san francisco and san jose. 52 degrees at this hour in oaklan oakland. another view of the bay bridge from the other side from our high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco under mainly clear skies. 48 degrees in santa rosa right now. 51 in fairfield and 50 at gilroy. the forecast feature are shaping up this way. we will see few sprinkle develop in the early morning hours between 04 and 6:00 a.m. but blue and breezy in the afternoon hours. blue sky that is and milder weather will arrive on sunday. much milder in fact. satellite radar animation shows movement
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of the cold front slaysing down through the northern part of the state rye now. moving in our direction cloud witness and a little moisture. weak cold front so we don't expect much out of this but certainly the possibility of some scattered sprinkles. start the forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and then during the overnight hours we see the front move through and between 4 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. we could see some spotty light showers activity or drizzle painly in the south bay and santa cruz mountain doesn't look like it will develop anywhere else in the bay area. then clear out by midmorning left with mainly sunny skies tomorrow. breezy conditions nice and pleasant. overnight tonight it's rather pleasant as well except few extra clouds. cooler in the interior valley of the north bay. low will drop into the upper 30's but most of the remainder of the bay area will see low in the mid 40's then tomorrow mainly sunny breezy in the afternoon and south bay look for high in the low 60's. 61 at san jose. 62 rather at san jose. 60 santa clara and 61 at cooper teen o. peninsula 61. redwood city palo alto
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morgan hill. mountain view. i keep doing. that morgan hill is way down there. this is mountain view. coast. mid 50's at pacifica. and a half man bay downtown san francisco. high of 58 tomorrow. up in the north bay we see numerous readings in the low or low to mid 60's. 63 santa rosa. sonoma. and napa. nearest high right around or just above 60 degrees. inland east bay see high in the low 60's at concord. pittsburgh. pleasanton and livermore and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have dry weather through the 7 day period with the exception of that chance of scattered drizzle. between early morning hours. it's pleasant tomorrow. not very mild. milder on sunday. by the end of next week friday will be looking at high pressure up around 70 degrees around the bayshore line and in our inland location so nice and warm. really spring like as we approach. >> that's almost march. >> it is. >> thank you sir. >> when hip-hop science and education collide. still to
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co-7 news at 9 here tonight. unlikely combination helping unlikely combination helping students and it is
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>> new report finds for the past 20 years california fourth eighth graders performed the poorest among so-called mega states like new york, texas, florida and illinois. california spends less than th thenal national average perfect miami and less than teacher student ratio. and the it's fallen 20 percent over the last 4 years. well open the subject of education you might think that science and hip-hop not very much in common but a college professor begs to differ.
9:26 pm
heading autopsy payment project funded by the silicon valley venture capitalist mark anderson and ben horowitz. project team the professor with professional rapper and they make science sing in the class room. quite literally. we have the story. ♪ . >>reporter: it would seem hip-hop and science. >> 4 equals math. >>reporter: couldn't be on further ends of the spectrum. but professor is disproving that hypothesis. ♪ . >>reporter: using the pop already music genre in the classroom with the pilot program called science genius. now launching in 10 high schools in new york city. the goal of the sperp experiment improving student science grades. >> the idea here is to take what they are looking for already. combine that with the culture. introduce them to science which is something they are good at any way and then open up the possibilities.
9:27 pm
>>reporter: those possibilities expanding with the help of a celebrity partne partner. ♪ i'm jiz el from the. >>reporter: both were met with some skepticism and uncertainty from students. >> clicked with me science and hip-hop combined. how does that work? >>reporter: well it worked with regular lesson plan followed by a challenge like this. >> you have to put at least one bar based on one science topic. >>reporter: once a week. and within minutes of getting their first assignment the students here at your ban assembly school were on it fichlt this is class you want to be the man you got to know the rules to the free drama. [ rapping]. >>reporter: fuse to go create a new formula for success. >> i think it will inspire them to, to focus on the details.
9:28 pm
>> definitely easier for me to stay on top of my class. >> they hope to expand this program not only here in new york city but across the country. this is abc news new york. >> automatic spending cuts would bring major airport delay coming up bay area congressman of walks in your shoes and learns what the cuts would mean to the local economy. plus drug just approved bringing last dose of hope for women with late stage breast cancer. bus careen out of control in minneapolis. one example of the rotten commute for millions in the midwest hit by brutal weather. stay with us. anot
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>> you are going to be delayed. going to have a real impact.
9:32 pm
calamity. >> very painful. this is a big deal. >> that is transportation secretary ray la hood warning massive airport delay across the country mandatory cuts in government spending go into effect next week. the the sequester cuts you have heard about. la hood says san francisco international could be one of the hardest hit airports along with airport in new york and chicago. experiencing flight delay of up to 90 minutes when the government is forced to furlough air traffic controllers. smaller communities would also be impacted now that includes several here in the bay area. napa. concord. livermore. san carlos. and in sonoma county as well. these potential cuts are on the minds certainly of east bay congressmen. aircraft and many others. he talk advantage of the current congressional recess by joining the assembly line at local lighting company. as mark matthews explains, that event turned in more than just a photo op. >> congressman eric listened. workers here at union city showed him how to wire up one of the energy efficient
9:33 pm
fixtures. >> put these in and screw like that. >> yes. >> conversation were more about how to do the job but if he asked about personal concerns he would have heard what you would expect. >> most important. >> congressman message there will be more jobs automatic spending cut known as the sequester can be avoided fichlt we have sequester cuts that's going to hurt our public schools. >> swallow says 11 million dollars will be cut from schools just in his district and schools are this the lighting company second largest customer. cut school funding and the ripple will eventually be felt on the assembly line. >> that will at the end of the day affect the number of employee who work here and high skilled sustainable manufacturing jobs. >> but founder isn't make that go connection. clark says what congress needs to do is attack waste and inefficiency. >> we want to just attack redundant programs. drives us
9:34 pm
crazy. we have federal osha. we have california osha. federal epa. california epa. >> clark would not tell me if he supported this sequester cuts or not. what he did say is the government has to cut the connecticut. >> and we are going to have to deal with that. can not kick that down the road. >> he said take the efficiency message back to capitol hill. freshman congressman did not argue the sequester with chairman. but he told us if the cuts kick in next week it's house republicans that will pay for it politically. >> in the twitter verse where people will react swiftly and strongly as soon as they feel government cuts that will rebound back very fast. >> swallow says if the cuts come they won't last because congressional republicans will buckle. now the chairman of fine line would not engage in the back and forth but said he appreciated aircraft swallow coming out to see how east bay businesses work. in the newsroom, mark, 7 news. >> is couple notes from
9:35 pm
washington. pentagon grounded entire fleet of f 35 fighter jets for the second time. inspectors discovered a cracked engine blade. last time the problem was a faulty fuel line. f 35 the pentagon most expensive weapons program and total estimated cost of nearly 400 billion dollars. justice department has joined a lawsuit against lance armstrong. suit alleges he concealed his use of per form answer enhancing drugs and defrauded his long time sponsor. u.s. postal service the federal government is joining the suit. >> fda today approved a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer. bay area company developed a drug. it's what doctors call a smart bottom target ago specific type of tumor and as jonathan explains it could be the first of new generation of cancer treatments. >>reporter: denise is a cancer researcher who encountered a crual twist of fate. >> diagnosed pretty soon after i started my graduate school studies in cancer biology.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: denise met cancer a type doctors consider incurrable. she under goes chemotherapy once a week and deals with the side effects 2 24-7. >> hair loss. nausea. in the past. gi issues. general feeling of not feeling well. >>reporter: denise among the physicianñi patients to 7 a new drug called designed to attack the cancer without attacking her. clinical trial fights specific type of humor found in 20 percent of breast cancer patients and according to the doctor who ran the study it doesn't make them as sick as regular chemotherapy. >> no hair loss and limited just very few side effects. we have quite a number of patients cancer shrink away. some of them for a number of years. >> for drug maker here in south an fran there's hope that he could usher in a new era of cancer treatment. >> it's ushering in new generation of antibody drug. >>reporter: it's the drug chief medical officer says
9:37 pm
delivers a 1-2 punch seeks out the cancer cell lick a missile. the attached chemo drug goes on the attack. only attracted to tumor with the her 2protein. but there are others on the way. >> we have 25 m various stages of research and development. targeting everything from prostate cancer lung cancer. >>reporter: approved for only the most advanced stages of breast cancer. it can extend the the lives of terminally ill patients by average of 5 month months. and for denise who hopes to soon grow the hair back also about the quality of life. >> quality of life more normal again. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new news. >> san jose will vote next tuesday on whether to become the largest city in the country ban styrofoam. council members join groups to encourage a switch to alternative food packaging. california restaurant association says a ban would harm small business in the city says food package accounts for less than one percent 0waste in the land fills. large first golden gate ferry service is trying to
9:38 pm
solve problems many riders are complaining about. sold out votes. and lack of parking. options include building a new parking structure and adding another boat. also includes charging for parking in the lo lot. for giants fans one way ferry service at the ball park could increase to 11 dollars. >> snow and cold temperatures are still hitting much of the country and as john explains the storm is paralyzing flights cars and just about everything else that moves. >> ice roads tonight turning much of the midwest in a deadly skating rink. crash after crash. from the monster storm nearly 300 accidents here in minnesota alone. >> it's a mess out here. >> in ohio. tractor-trailer dangle!dangle precariously skidded up on to overpass. watch as bus in missouri loses control knocking down a street lamp. even the most experienced of drivers those
9:39 pm
long-haul truckers force to pull over. >> more of this keeps coming in and getting stuck because of the hot tire melting the snow and turning in the ice and then again move. >> nationwide nearly 1400 flights have been cancelled sentences the storm hit on thursday. passenger flight in cleveland this morning skidded off the runway as it landed. in cans yesterday crew use plow and shovel to dig one plane out. >> that's john reporting for us. mean time europe is dealing with its worst flooding in 50 years. in athens one tear fade motorist left clinging that the car and was swept away by floodwater. 2 men came to her rescue as muddy water swept the other car away. rain burst the banks. another motorist died of apparent heart attack after being trapped in her car just that terrifying stressful. >> greases part of building worker fell halfway through glass ceiling trying to contain the water dripping into the
9:40 pm
room below. look at this picture. mean time on the italian island of cecily heavy rain streets into river dragged parked cars motorcycle chair and table whatever else was in the way. flights cancelled schools closed. >> coming back here. she may no longer be secretary of stat state. but madeleine albright still has awful lot to say about u.s. foreign policy especially around nuclear ambition. she was in san francisco today to talk with commonwealth club. i was there to moderate the discussion. albright secretary of state remember unthe clinton administration and she defended today iran right to conduct nuclear research not to develop weapons however. >> 0the they have a right to the program. >>reporter: all albright says economic sanction against iran is working and best option to force the country to allow more
9:41 pm
thorough inspections. >> coming up. politic of the academy awards. up next. the. film critic nick inside scoop and why the best picture isn't and w[ male announcer ] with't citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> less than 48 hours from now until hollywood biggest nature academy awards begin right here on abc 7 and movie fans certainly already for it and excited. office pool filled out. prognostication are in. but wait. as wayne learned today, there is politics involved. politics and plenty of it at the oscars. >>reporter: oscar buzz. buzz about the oscar buzz then the business of keeping track of it all. you mate watch movies for
9:45 pm
fun. guy like nick writes about them for a living. hard to impress. what kind of move awins best picture. >> usually bad movies win best picture but big bad movie. >>reporter: columnist and author critic and expert who has for goten most about manufactureies than we most know. we asked him flat out for prediction. begin with daniel day lewis in lincoln. shoe n.e. says. >> because he's a chameleon. not good. it's good this time he was great. >>reporter: that's good start. but with best actress the cops begins. smart money to jessica chastain and zero dark 30 or jennifer lawrence in silver linings play book. >> unfortunately i it might be jennifer lawrence. >>reporter: prediction on historical indicator an preference for younger actress. >> in the last 15 years 12 of the winners w years old or younger. >>reporter: for the real controversy let's move to the best pick. only category that use rank voting that could be a
9:46 pm
problem. >> i think it should be lincoln in this case. yes. not argo. by the way if not lincoln and if not argo zero dark 30. second best movie of the year. >>reporter: what is the third best movie. >> no it's not the third best mav a. argo not even the third best. >>reporter: at the root of that go zero dark 30 and argo 7 no nomination in the best director category. >> really angry that zero dark 30 the director for zero dark 30 and director of argo weren't nominated. and argo right now is the one that has become sort of deposit for the vote of discontentment. >>reporter: argo will whip. lincoln will lose. you might think of it as another civil war but this time in the academy. in san francisco, wayne freidman abc 7 news. >> well oscar sunday just 2 days away now and off front row seat over on abc 7. leif coverage begins at 2:00 o'clock with the on the red carpet at the oscars program. stars
9:47 pm
begin to arrive at 4 on oscar red carpet live and the academy award presentation begins at 5:30. now afterward we have a recap of the biggest moments and your pass to the after party on o trc at the oscars. followed by jimmy kimmel oscar special at 10:00 o'clock and then abc 7 news at 11. hope you can join us on oscar sunday 2 days from now should be fun. >> buzz and bees up next on 7 news at 9:00. how flowers use an electrifying jolt to talk
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today. >> turns out flowers use more than color and shape to attract bees. researchers say they are also emitting electrical signal to get their attention. scientist say flowers have a slight negative charge relative
9:51 pm
to the air around them. now bumble bee have a charge, too. and when bee fly the friction with the air causes the bee to become positively charged. like when people shovel across the carpet and in wool sox. well when a positively charged bee lands on flower the negatively charged pollen grain naturally stick to it. flowers do this too. to make themselves different almost like stabbing a brand in the way. the bee forage more efficiently and flowers more likely to be pollinated. more complicated than it seems. spencer has the weather forecast. >> i'm positively charged up with the becomes. we have dry conditions now. rain light rain well to our north. moving in our direction but it's beginning to weaken as it approaches us so we might not get much out of the that. sprechbing el or 2 early morning hours. mainly calm conditions. if you dusting of snow parts of the sierra here in the bay area after sol clouds early morning hours mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. high pressure in
9:52 pm
the 60's and if planning to view the tomorrow 6:00 o'clock in san francisco conditions will be nice and dray and cool with temperatures panly mountain low 50's at the time the parade starts dropping in the upper 40's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have mainly dry days ahead except for possibility of early morning sprinkle around 4 or 5:00 a.m. and we are warming up next week to 70 degrees by next friday. >> very good thanks very much is that sports director is here with all the sports. are your news to talk about. >> warriors a great game tonight at oracle with the spurs. try anything to beat san antonio. you have to get creative to snap a 16 game losing streak against the fba best seventh curry. acrobatic best seventh curry. acrobatic 26 percent ligwell, well, well.
9:53 pm
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>> we are the only place to watch the oscars this sunday. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can count down to hollywood biggest night with the official oscar app. back
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9:57 pm
streak. people that know me know when the cash comes out. warriors playing the spurs night. warriors bricking out new wardrobe short sleeve pin stripe unfortunately an drew not wearing them because he's out with back spasm. check out this. 26 percent lighter. i like the discount. golden state. check out the passing. david lee poster duncan. check out curry. aqua-bat ick. 16 points. that is incredible. contact off glass. the drive and they take control arrest yours answer on a run. curry feeling it. warriors clinging to an 88-86 lead. with under 2 minutes to go at rocket oracle arena. blackhawk made nhl history tonight at the expense of the san jose shark. chicago off to the best start in league history through 17 games. the weather outside is frightful.
9:58 pm
snowing in chicago. time winding down first period. shark on the attack. patrick marlo right place rate time right on the rebound to beat ray. marlo give the shark 1 nothing lead that was tomorrow goal of the night. chicago responding. the pass. deflected ends up behind. nothing to do there. third period. brandon. shorthanded goal that wins it. chicago scored at least a point in 17 straight games. that is a new nhl record. harbaughism have returned. coach and gm in the nfl in indianapolis for the combine that runs through the weekend and through tuesday. jim took to the podium confirmed yes he has talked to his brothers john since losing the superbowl to the ravens. and jim was asked what he think about his potential drafte not entirely truthful in the interview process. his analog analogy. >> big fan of the judge judy
9:59 pm
show and when you lie in judge judy courtroom, it's over. credibility is completely lost. you stand no chance of winning that case. so i learn that from her. and very powerful. >>reporter: life lesson. dennis and raiders. they feel like they have a head start on the rest 0th league good thing given the way last season wept. the staff coached north squad at the very bowl last month. >> i think the ability to really get a chance to get to know the guys a little bit gives us some inside information and can help us to make a better decision come draft day. >> boxing news. the ghost from gilroy maybe a 10-1 under dog going in the fate but he thinks first machine ever to beat floyd junior when they square off on may 4th. 46 and o. pound for pound. best fate in


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